Yukari Ogihara
Yukari Ogihara (Manga)
荻原 紫
Ogihara Yukari
Gender Female
School Kaimei High School
Manga Debut Chapter 139
A Confusing Group of Friends

Yukari Ogihara (荻原 紫, Ogihara Yukari) is a student at Kaimei High School.


Yukari has freckles.

Major Story Arcs

A Confusing Group of Friends

Yukari Ogiwara arrive to the Sket Dan Clubroom to claim her lost cell phone after Midori Hagiwara called her friend to inform Yukari Ogiwara. Yukari Ogiwara give Midori a Muay Thai figurine to Midori as thanks. [1]


  1. Sket Dance. Chapters 139

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