You've Got Mail! Part 2

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Kanji ユーガッタメール! 中編
Romaji Yū gatta meeru! chūhen
Volume 13
Anime 57
Hime Onizuka, Koma Morishita, Bossun, Switch


Like Bossun, Himeko gets hooked on e-mailing her pen pal. In class, Bossun gets curious and asks Pudding what she looks like. When Himeko replies that she has black hair, short temper, and a bouncy body, Bossun gets a bit aroused. Later in the Sket Dan homeroom, Switch notices Himeko and Bossun getting giddy and depressed over their e-mails. He confirms his suspicions with Koma and decides to have some fun. On the following day, Switch informs Himeko and Bossun that he is going to meet his pen pal. This convinces Bossun and Himeko to do the same thing.

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