You've Got Mail!
Japanese Title ユーガッタメール!
Yū gatta meeru!
Volume 13
Release Date April 4, 2010
ISBN 978-4-08-870035-9
Pages 192
Previous Drop
Next Go Forth! Pelocan Girl
Cover Characters
Characters Debuted

You've Got Mail! (ユーガッタメール, Yū gatta meeru!) is volume 13 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 109

You Can't Change Fate (ウンは天にあり, Un wa ten ni ari)

Bossun has to go to the bathroom very badly, but somehow everything seems to be conspiring against him.

Chapter 110

You've Got Mail! Part 1 (ユーガッタメール! 前編, Yū gatta meeru! zenpen)

Chapter 111

You've Got Mail! Part 2 (ユーガッタメール! 中編, Yū gatta meeru! chūhen)

Chapter 112

You've Got Mail! Part 3 (ユーガッタメール! 後編, Yū gatta meeru! kōhen)

Chapter 113

VS Student Council! Battle Q (VS生徒会!バトルQ, VS seitokai! batoru Q)

Chapter 114

Invisible Man Exposed! (透明人間露る!, Tōmei ningen arawaru!)

Chapter 115

The Manga Girl Goes Wild (漫画乙女は荒野をめざす, Manga otome wa kōya o mezasu)

Chapter 116

Tsubaki and Daisy (1) (椿と雛菊①, Tsubaki to hinagiku 1)

Chapter 117

Tsubaki and Daisy (2) (椿と雛菊②, Tsubaki to hinagiku 2)

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