Whispered Oneesan Instruct-son

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Kanji ひそひそおねえさんインストラクソン
Romaji Hisohiso oneesan insutoraku-son
Air Date February 16, 2012
Manga Chapters 93 & 108
Opening Message
Ending Party! Hallelujah!

Whispered Oneesan Instruct-son (ひそひそおねえさんインストラクソン, Hisohiso oneesan insutoraku-son) is the 45th episode in the Sket Dance anime series.


It's love problems times two with Remi going on a date and J-son-sensei trying his best at his marriage interviews. Of course, neither really goes all that well.


In the first story, Sket Dan helps Jason with his omiai; in the second story, Remi goes out on a date. Will Jason get a marriage partner and will Remi's date go well?

Remi confuses the class with her lecture as usual. The class agrees that she has made too many mistakes. In the Sket Dance room, Bossun wonders how they are going to help Remi. Upon hearing Bossun's request, Switch proposes using the Psst-psst earphones. Suddenly, J-son comes barging in which scares the hell out of the Sket Dan members. He requests them to help him with his Omiai. However, the Sket Dan gets off tangent when Switch states that he has to go to Momoka's new single event. He cannot help Bossun and Hime and tells them that they can use the psst-psst earphones; he warns them to watch what they say since J-son can be depressed easily.

In the restaurant, J-son meets his marriage partner. The lady is scared while J-son shows signs of being nervous by his heavy panting. Bossun and Hime begin testing the laptop and cellphone by having J-son raising his hand. To their dismay, J-son's omiai partner gets scared. The omiai begins with J-son introducing himself as a wood shop teacher. Hime and Bossun loses control of him when J-son demonstrates his love of wood chopping. When the omiai lady tries to go powder her nose, J-son mixes up Hime and Bossun's words and frightens her further. The two try to help, but Hime's Kansai dialect made the situation grim as J-son continues to misunderstand everything. Bossun tells J-son to calm down, and J-son apologizes to her. Just when the situation improves, J-son asks her to go out with him and later, Switch's laptop gets several e-mails from Otakura and Reiko. Reiko's message ends the omiai with the words, I curse you. At the Sket Dan clubroom, Reiko explains that this is the way she greets people. She states that J-son is unique and why people don't like him for what he is. Meanwhile, Remi passes by the window of the Sket Dan room, and Chuuma watches from a roof.

Second Story

On the following day, Remi successively complete the morning's announcements. The class congrats by carrying and juggling her. Later, in Chuuma's room, Remi and the Sket Dan are singing like Kindergartens. Hime asks Remi if she has a boyfriend which causes Remi to choke on her manju. She explains that a friend's friend has been emailing her, and she has a date with them. As the day ends, Remi attempts to clean Chuuma's equipment but breaks them. Chuuma has her straighten something simple in order to make her feel happy. Remi asks Chuuma if he's going to get married. Chuuma says no, and she asks him about his thoughts on her date. Chuuma tells her that he has a date, too. His words make Remi a bit upset. She tells Chuuma that her date is called Tobishima Shou and the wonderful things about him. Chuuma remembers something about Tobishima's name.

On the following day, Remi has a bad time in her date due to her clumsiness. At the end of day and at edge of the park where one could see the city, Remi spills coffee on her skirt. She apologizes to her date who glints a bit. Suddenly, a young man trips over Tobishima's bag and points out a camera that has been recording. He explains that he has been taking shots of the girl's undergarments. When Remi does not recognize him, the young man drinks the concoction and ages. It's revealed that the young man is actually Chuuma. He tells Tobishima that he will beat him with chemicals if he messes with Remi. Tobishima runs away in embarrassment. When Suzu comes and realizes Remi is that girl from the show, she gives her some seeds as a gift. Chuuma explains that he is actually divorced and that Suzu is his daughter. He tells Remi that getting remarried would be a hassle. Chuuma, Remi, and Suzu go home happy (except that Chuuma is not happy) while Switch notices them.

On the following day in Chuuma's lab, Switch notices Remi and Chuuma's relationship is strange. Afterwards, Switch helps two students with their equipment. In Bossun's house, Bossun looks at his home tapes and packs the camera. Akane and Rumi comes home and informs him that his birthday is coming. They ask him what birthday gift he would like.


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Cast & Credits

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Ayumi, Reiko, and Roman did not appear in the manga version.
    • Likewise, Chūma and Remi did not appear in J-son's chapter.
  • Akane and Rumi did not appear in Chūma and Remi's chapter. Though, this is a nod to fans who are expecting the Happy Birthday arc that begins in the next episode.
  • Only in the anime, Switch follows Chūma on his date with Remi.