VS Student Council! Battle Q

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Kanji VS生徒会!バトルQ
Romaji VS seitokai! batoru Q
Volume 13
Anime 41
Tsubaki Sasuke, Mimori Unyū, Daisy, Shinba Michiru, Enigman, Quecchon, Bossun, Agata Sōjirō


When Enigman and his assistants, Quecchon and Bossun, threaten to release a photo of the Student Council destroying the principal's bust, Sasuke and his group must answer the riddles correctly to stop Enigman. Daisy and Mimori attempt to answer a prison riddle but fail. While Shinba gives a silly answer to the flower riddle, Sasuke guesses the wrong number of pitches to the baseball riddle. Then, Sōjirō arrives and solves each riddle by just looking at his group's answers.

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