Hey everyone! Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance, and boy, the week's going by too fast. I still look forward to Sket Dance every week among other new summer anime shows. For me, it fills the gap of Gintama with the help of Binbogami ga! anime series.


Tsubaki's hobby is making original T-shirt designs, but when his fellow Student Council members proclaim them "lame", he goes to his twin brother Bossun for a shot of creative advice. Then, Bossun's love for a robot anime leads him to an otaku meet-up. Will he be able to fit in?

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Sasuke's Lame T-shirt


Beware of spoilers!


  • This episode shows another quirky hobby of Sasuke and it reveals how much different he is from Bossun who is very artistic. Though, it got me thinking about the theory of left and right brain. I don't believe in that over which side governs artistic, logic, and other stuff. The reason that I thought about this is because Bossun and Sasuke's Kanji means right and left, respectively.
  • Sorry for being off-tangent, I loved how Himeko gets so excited that Bossun and Tsubaki are getting along. Some fans have a dirty mind about what was Hime doing as she eavesdrop on Sasuke and Bossun from the outside. It adds to the humor.
  • Finally, the episode did a good job on merging two separate manga chapters by revealing what common traits the two twin brothers shared.


  • There's not much bad stuff. Though, the halves of the episodes are not equal because we all have different preferences. I find the first half with Sasuke more better. What was your favorite story in this episode?

Overall, the episode is good. There are some humorous scenes that makes episode enjoyable for every Sket Dan fan. Yet, the 2 story type episodes can be unequal with some folks loving the first part while some love the 2nd part. I say it's about equal to last week's episode where one part just didn't click with me.


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