Welcome to Sket Dance Wikia's report! This week was busy for the wiki editors, and we had a lot images to sort through with Lynxian's new category pages. We'll go over that later. This week's episode is about Roman Saotome, Fumi Segawa, and Sasuke Tsubaki.


With Roman being the top manga artist in her club, Fumi asks Himeko and Bossun to check her one shot story. Will the judges love Fumi's work?

Roman's sketches the episode

Later, Sasuke Tsubaki comes to school without his contacts and stumbles upon the Sket Dan who are imitating the Kaimei Student Council. Meanwhile, the Kaimei Student Council is getting bored by the principal's stories about his grandson. Will the Sket Dan be able to pull off fooling Sasuke until the real student council returns?


Beware of Spoilers!


  • This time, Fumi Segawa's work gets spotlighted in this episode instead of Roman. Roman has a funny split personality with her chibi self giving pointers and her influential writer mode giving harsh criticism.
  • Bossun's impressions of Sojiro and Shinba are awesome. Plus, Switch trying to fool Sasuke with his hair clip is hilarious.
  • We finally see how Sasuke is like without his contacts.


  • I'm such a softie. I couldn't find anything bad with this episode.

Overall, I find both stories excellent, but I'm find Sasuke's story more entertaining with Bossun's impressions and how Sasuke is easily fool with his poor vision.

Sket Dan Impersonations of Student Council.


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