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Chuma successively makes a concoction that turns people invisible with Bossun as proof of this achievement. When Chuma asks where are Switch and Himeko at to celebrate this wonderful moment, Bossun recalls Himeko is out shopping for her dad's birthday. He decides to surprise her a bit. However, his plan backfires when Bossun's nude body starts to appear slowly. In the second story, Bossun tests out Switch's invention, a fat power suit called Jubanni who is very literal with commands.

Invisible Bossun

Can Bossun get out in time before he shamefully shows his nude body to the world? And can Bossun stop Jubanni? Verdict

Beware of spoilers!


  • Deer head

    Best Disguise ever!

    Bossun and Himeko's scenes are always great especially with the ideas they come up to get Bossun home without raising suspicions. I love the severed head scene.
  • In the Jubanni story, Switch has a strange power suit, and Bossun does weird things such as spinning himself on his tippy toe while giving out the peace sign.
  • Roman Saotome makes her appearance as an adorable chibi girl who calls Bossun's crotch, an out-zone. Chuma is pretty blunt about explaining what an out zone is to his daughter.


  • Hard to say what's bad since this is a pretty hilarious episode. I could say I enjoy the invisible story more than the Jubanni story. It was more "What the hell is this?" in the second story since it was not that funny.


  • Jubanni

    Yet another strange invention

    Himeko has a bizarre sense of fashion and what's great at a party. She wanted her mom to wear a deer mask.
  • Why did Switch create a power suit to look a nude, obese man?
  • Bossun's butt appear nude and uncensored for the first time.

Overall, the episode is great with the invisible story being more funny than the Jubanni story. The episode with Switch's bizarre inventions is better than the Jubanni story. I didn't get the sentimental feeling when Jubanni breaks down. As Crunchyroll put it, this episode is another mad scientist's misadventures episode. In the next preview, fans told me that there is going be an arc that focuses on Sasuke and Daisy. I'm looking forward to that.


Hime Fujisaki, Utipintar, and I uploaded some images for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks and Wiki Progress

  • Utipintar: Both Utipintar and I worked on episode 58. She did the blurb, summary, and the info box. For the Colors, she added the CD cover. Also, she updated the CSL, Anime, and Manga pages.
    • Utipintar's Manga Fix Up: She worked on Chapters to fix links and other things: 217, 169, 180, 194, 193, and 189.
  • Takashichea: I finished episode 58's anime/manga differences, chapter 114, and chapter 120. I created the Screenshots gallery and organized the images in. I was fixing images' Fair Use Rationale (See Ryoga04).
  • Ryoga04: I thank Ryoga04 for pointing out that my headers for the Fair Rationale are wrong. It should be summary and licensing. Plus, replaceable should be replaceability while we must specify which Fair Use to use. Ryoga also proofread Shinzō Takemitsu's page.
  • Anonymous: They worked on Shinzō Takemitsu's relationships with Momoka Kibitsu.

Takashichea Team W.I.K.I. Nation and Sket Dance Wikia

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