Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! I'm Taka, a member of Team W.I.K.I. Nation, and I'm proud to update you guys on the anime and my team's wiki progress. Last week's episode (May I Come Backstage?) was interesting because it explores Switch and Momoka's relationship. Plus, Switch is mute for the first time. This week, we get another episode dedicated to one story.


Shinzo gets Bossun hooked on cell phones when Bossun agrees to help him respond to the manager of a Sengoku fan website as Samurai. With each e-mail, Bossun (as Samurai - pen name) gets smitten by his pen pal, Pudding. Unaware of who is Pudding, Koma asks Hime to help her exchange e-mails with Samurai. Hime gets hooked on, too. When Switch realizes that Bossun and Hime are each other's pen pals, he pressures them to meet their pen pals.

Hime and bossun blush

Will Bossun and Hime's date go well or not?


Beware of spoilers!


  • Himeko episode 57 eyecatch

    Himeko and Bossun have a wacky episode together

    Bossun and Hime's reactions are hilarious such as when they get giddy and depressed with each e-mail. It reminds me of my friends and myself. It just shows how we get so addicted to our phones, and how we feel naked without them.
  • Don't underestimate Switch. He does these things to Bossun and Hime for his entertainment.
  • Saaya had an interesting role. Like Jin, she does not understand Bossun and Hime's relationship. She looks cute when she's jealous and curious.


  • I find it a bit predictable how Hime and Bossun refuse to go out with each other.


  • Bossun's Wildest Imagination Stitched Cap
    Bossun shows his perverted side for the first time. His nostrils steamed when he thinks about Pudding's body. I thought he didn't like tsundere girls. Does he have a thing for megane (girls with glasses)?
  • Another first time, Hime dyes her hair black. I preferred her blonde, old self. It's interesting to see her with that color.

Overall, this episode is great and reveals the hysteria behind Hime and Bossun's relationship. They will keep teasing the fans who support Bossun X Hime.


Hime and Bossun a matching pair Hearts This user supports Bossun and Himeko.

Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report. I hope you all continue to contribute to Sket Dance Wikia and making this community better. Please visit Awesome Switch's Badges page. He and the community are creating badges. Right now, we are making a lot of pairing badges like the one to the left.

Please give some recognition to the wiki editors who are working hard in this community.

Wiki Progress

  • Utipintar: She has been working on the anime episodes with me. Her recent work is on episode 57 where she did the anime/manga differences and cast. Though, I helped fix a slight character appearance with Rumi and Remi.
  • Takashichea: I completed chapters 107, 110, 111, and 112. Ch. 110-112 covered Ep. 57. Also, I worked on Ep. 57 with Utipintar on the summary and anime/manga differences and completed Ep. 6
    • New Pages: Check out the new image galleries for the episodes: 21, 45, and 57! We also had a Biscuit Dance gallery.
  • Mewpudding101: She added episode 57's images.
  • NEWJOHN8: He worked on Momoka's relationships with Switch.


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