Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! I'm Taka, a wiki editor who loves working at Sket Dance Wikia. Last week's episode is fairy interesting because we got a new character, Koma, who have communication problems and goes berserk whenever she gets embarrassed, and the Sket Dan had another romance request.

In this episode (54: Get the Fortune Teller!), it's a full story involving Reiko and a certain fortuneteller.



When Hime and the others go to Reiko to get their fortune read, they find out that Reiko's methods are a scam due to Himiko Minakami's teachings. Switch and the Sket Dan crew challenge Himiko Minakami to a showdown where they will attempt to prove that her fortune telling is a scam in front of her followers.

Can Switch and the others defeat Himiko Minakami at her own game?


Beware of spoilers!


  • Bossun and Sasuke

    The twins are getting closer to each other

    Switch and Reiko have another lovely story in this episode, and the last time was the Otaku and Occult. It's good to see their rivalry again.
  • Shinzo tries to hit on Saaya and Kumi. I don't know if he was following samurai conduct in his romance quest.
  • Sasuke's surprise is excellent. I looked at his eyes and thought it was strange. It's great to see the twins tackling another job together. I can't believe he didn't understand Switch's rivalry with Reiko. After all, he and Bossun are in the same boat.


There is nothing bad to report. I haven't read the manga to see which adaptation did the story better.


  • Shinzo's phone

    Does Shinzo likes tsundere girls?

    Emphasis on Saaya
    : It's strange to see Saaya in this episode and how she claims she doesn't have anyone in mind she likes.
  • Cellphone addict: Shinzo is too attached to his smart phone. Despite the samurai's frugal way of living, he is such a contradiction. That's the quirkiness behind him.
  • Switch's personality: Switch is serious in this episode when you usually see him doing silly things throughout the series.

Overall, this episode is great and a good change in flow of the normal stories we are treated. There a lot of two story style episodes. It's nice to see a change and a whole episode showcasing another interesting pair, Reiko and Switch. Plus, Switch takes the serious role in this episode instead of the silly personality. This makes the episode stand out.


Thank you for reading Sket Dance Wikia's weekly report. Please give some recognition to the wiki editors who are working hard in this community.

Wiki Progress

  • Lynxian: She created and worked on Best Hit Kamei page. She added a nice tracklist with all the necessary information.
  • Takashichea: I was working on several episodes' summaries, cast & credits, and anime/manga differences: 37, 36, 53, and 54, and going over the Happy Birthday chapters to make their plot summaries longer. Since the volume page contains synopsis of the chapters, I find it repetitive. That's why I have to redo the chapter summaries to make them different from the volume.
  • Utipintar: Utipintar was working on the same anime episodes (cast and credit sections and anime/manga differences) as I and character pages' relationships such as Himeko and Bossun. Both Utipintar and I updated the anime page. Utipintar fixed my mistakes on the anime/manga differences on the OGRESS episode.
  • HopefulDawnSinger: She added images to character pages like Teruaki Morino and Saikawa Nozomu.
  • RocketWobbuffet: worked on the Pop Culture page.
  • Hmf master: added videos to the Sket Dance theme songs such as Kakkowarui I love you!, Michi, Message, Clover, and Graffiti.

We had a lot of wiki editors this week. This is awesome!


Sket Dance Wikia and Anime Vice's Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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