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Continuing the story from the last episode, Bossun just finds out that his parents were killed in two separate car accidents. He has run away from home and the loneliness starts to set in the young boy's mind.


Angry at the world and surrounded by loneliness, Bossun finds himself at the place where his father was slain in a car accident. A young man appears and explains to Bossun why his father died. He gives Bossun, a letter and present from his father that was supposed to be given to Haru. When Bossun sees a young man bullied by delinquents, will Bossun follow his father's philosophy or will he just live for himself?


Beware of spoilers!


  • Akane tells Bossun

    Akane tells Bossun that he is her son no matter what

    Bossun stands up to protect Sasuke and follows his father's path is one of best scenes. It reveals a bit of maturity in Bossun.
  • The family drama is excellent and full of tension. Bossun got slapped by Akane which he deserves it. Bossun, being the good son, did not slap his mom back for holding secrets. Everything's okay. Akane's tearful scene where she compares Bossun to Ryosuke is so heartwarming.
  • Cameos: It establishes a timeline that Bossun's story takes precedent over Hime and Switch's origin stories. It's nice to see those two characters.


  • Ryosuke Saves Taisuke

    Manga version

    The scene where Ryosuke saves Taisuke is executed poorly. Compared to the manga, it reveals at some panels of Ryosuke saving the child. It seems like censorship is done for this scene.
  • Akane's flashback: Strangely, the manga has its flashback explained in one chapter while the anime split it up. In the manga, Akane confesses to Bossun how it's her fault that Haru died. It depends on you, the fans, if you like how the anime or the manga execute Akane's flashback.

Overall, this episode is awesome, and the drama unfolds perfectly. At the end of the episode, it appears there are more secrets in store for Bossun.

Best Quotes

I like to change things from time to time. Instead of best pic of the week, let's go with quotes.

  • Ryosuke to Taisuke: "Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble."
  • Akane to Bossun: Maybe you didn't come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son.


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Wiki Works

  • Lynxian - She's resting this week due to errands. She did a lot of work the last few days.
  • Takashichea - I managed to finished Hime's OGRESS chapters' summaries.
  • Pokemon-ninja03 - A few days ago, he clarified a statement on Haru Kirishima's page.
  • Anonymous - This week, we had a lot of new wiki editors working on the lyrics of Message and character pages such as Sojiro Agata, Saaya Agata, and Shinzo. Hopefully, these guys make an account here, so I can thank them properly.

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