Welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report on Sket Dance Wikia! I'm Taka, a proud wiki editor of Sket Dance Wikia and Anime Vice (Team W.I.K.I. Nation). Last week, we had a great episode, Drops, about Chiaki. It's an excellent story about how friendship can grow from a simple thing, a box of candies. For this today's episode, J-son and Remi make an appearance. It's going to be hilarious because Sket Dance is on a roll!

I also give a Wiki Work Progress for the site (at the end of the report) just like how I do in my weekly reports at AV.


Json and woman
This episode is a two parter. First up is J-son who requests Sket Dan to help him with his Omiai again. In the second story, Remi tries hard to complete the morning announcements, and afterwards, she tells Tetsuji Chūma and the gang that she has a date.

Will J-son's Omiai and Remi's date go well?


Beware of Spoilers!


  • Chuuma steps over bully

    Chuma threatening the punk

    Bossun and Hime tried their best to help J-son using Switch's Psst Psst ear piece. Just when J-son got control of the situation, he decides to ask Mataomi out. Things get grim when several emails were read on the laptop. Reiko came out of nowhere. I loved that surprise of hers.
  • Chuma's scene of defending Remi from that pervert guy who has been taking upskirt footage.
  • Chuma, Suzu, and Remi make a good family when I see them holding hands as they go home. I thought it was cute.


  • I can't seem to think of anything bad to say about this episode. The one thing that bugs me is Remi's naiveness. I am naive because I'm young and too trustful. Still, Remi doesn't seem to understand that her date is a pervert until Chuma had to reveal himself.


  • Json and reiko

    J-son and Reiko

    Chuma's insults at Bossun for being a bug might be a gag from now on.
  • Reiko seems like she is the only one who likes J-son for who he is.
  • Switch is a stalker! He knows that something's interesting with Chuma and Remi's relationship.

Picture of the Week

I picked J-son sawing a wooden replica of a person. It is so random when J-son just brought that thing. I was laughing out loud during that scene.

Json cuts wood


Thank you guys for reading Sket Dance Wikia's report! I thank Lynxian for helping me fix the code to the Cast and Credits and editing my grammar. I still need to write better. I thank my teammates at Anime Vice for their support: Geo (Sora_thekey), Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, Halberdierv2, Hibaru, and Piface314.

Wiki Progress:

  1. Lynxian: She added several new characters, worked on episodes, and added images. New characters: Ai Mataomi, Aiko Omi, Midori Hagiwara, and more.
  2. Tjstartina: Tjstartina worked on Sasuke, Bossun, Haru, and Ryosuke's page and added images.
  3. Takashichea: I worked on Happy Birthday (1) manga and Happy Birthday, Part 1's summary and Anime/Manga Differences. Lynxian helped me on the Cast and Credit codes and other parts.

Oh, today (Feb. 28) is Lynxian's birthday! She shares it with Switch's birthday. Another thing, Bossun's Happy Birthday arc is playing this week and last week. A strange coincidence, huh? Takashichea

Sket Dance Wikia and Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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