Sket Dance News

Sket Dance has announce its 2nd year is coming. The first ever episode premiered on April 7, 2011. We are getting close to Sket Dance's 2nd year anniversary. This anime has been doing an excellent job with three origin stories of the main characters, lots of opening and closing theme songs, and episode that brought people laughter and tears.

For those who are new to Sket Dance:

Sket Dance is about a trio of high school students whose club, Sket Dan, helps their fellow students with their request. The anime focuses on high school life and clubs.

Sket Dance poster 2nd Season

Also, there are two new characters coming up for this new season.

In Crunchyroll, the Seiyuu for Saaya Agata is Kana Hanazawa. There is no word on who will be voicing Koma Morishita.

Everyone, keep the community in touch with the news.



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