Welcome everyone to Sket Dance Wikia's 1st Character Spotlight! Today, we have Hime Onizuka.

Beware of spoilers since this blog covers up episode 43 in the anime.

Hime Onizuka is the powerhouse in the Sket Dan crew and a valuable teammate. Don't underestimate her pretty appearance because she can kick butt with her amazing hockey stick. In her origin story, she has troubles with trust and friends since she is betrayed by her best friend, Arisa. Through the efforts of Bossun and Chiaki, Hime learns to trust her friends and develops a deep bond with Bossun, Chiaki, and Switch.

She is an awesome character who is 3D and true to her nature and has some hilarious and tear jerking moments.

There are two videos that I loved to share with you guys.


First off, this is video made by Sarja20. It's about Hime's origin story in the manga version. The song is called Koukasen & a Thousand Smiles by Ellegarden. Here's a link in case the video doesn't play.

Sketchbook - Himeko01:05

Sketchbook - Himeko

Hime's Origin Story Video

My partner, KuroNekoXIII, found the lyrics to the video song:

Romanji / English Lyrics

Honno sukoshi mae ni.......Te ni ireta you na mirai wo / Not so long ago, I thought I held this future in my hands

Omoide to issho ni........Marumete nagesuteta / But then I crumpled it up along with my memories and threw it away

Mada saki wa nagai yo.......Nimotsu wa mou ii yo / It's still a long way, but I don't need any baggage

I am dreaming of a girl rocked my world

Nanboku e tsuzuku koukasen.....Kono saki ni wa kitto aru to......Sasayaiteru / The elevated railway that runs from north to south....Whispers.... That she's surely up ahead

2nd Video

This video is uploaded by SketDancevideos. Smile & Smash is the song used in the second episode of the Sket Dance SD Character Flash Anime. It is sung by Himeko's seiyū Ryōko Shiraishi.

Sket Dance - Himeko - Smile & Smash01:21

Sket Dance - Himeko - Smile & Smash

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