Ugajin Gaou
Ugajin Gaou
Nickname Man-Gaou
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair Black
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-B
Likes Manly Shonen Characters
Dislikes Long words, Bishonen characters
Affiliation Manga Club
Manga Debut Chapter 219
Manly Discommunication

Ugajin Gaou is a first year student who is a member of the Manga Club (Boys side).


Gaou is tall for a first-year towering over his fellow students at over 6 foot. He wears the normal school uniform with the shirt untucked. Facially he has a permanent frown emphasized by his large eyebrows, large sideburns and wolf-spiked hair. In the center of his forehead is an odd scar. He purposely is trying to imitate the old-fashioned style manga characters who he feels are 'manly'


Gaou idolizes the old-style 'manly' shonen manga characters and bases his appearance and mannerisms on them. Most notably, he speaks in two-character or two-syllable phrases (e.g. 'Absurd', 'No Doubt', 'The Shame', 'Settled' etc.).


  • His nickname Man-Gaou is a pun both on his love for manga but also his aspiration to be as manly as possible.
  • Like many members of the Manga Club, Gaou has the ability to create backgrounds, in his case - speed lines and shock lights.

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