The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping...

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Kanji 覗き・・・しりそめし頃に・・・
Romaji Nozoki... shirisomeshi toki ni...
Air Date August 30, 2012
Manga Chapter 154 and 156
Opening Clear
Ending N/A

The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping is the 73rd episode of the Sket Dance Anime.


After Hime discovers a peeping tom who stare at her as she changed in the girls' locker room, she asks Bossun and Switch to help catch the creep. However, Bossun and Switch ignore her plea as they watch a student spider climbing. Meanwhile, Roman and Michinori are having a manga face off to determine who is the better mangaka.


In the locker room, Chiaki asks Hime to help her, and after Chiaki leaves, Hime screams when she sees a peeping tom. At the Sket Dan clubroom, Hime tries to tells Bossun and Switch about a peeping tom only to find Bossun and Switch distracted with Sakatani doing the spider climbing. Bossun thinks no one is interested in Himeko and that the peeping tom is after Chiaki. Switch tells Bossun that the student council on the case right now. In the Kaimei student council room, Sasuke debriefs them about a peeping tom after Sasuke bumps into Moe who is freaking out. Sasuke asks Hani if she got it only to have Mimori relay Hani's message. When Sasuke asks Kiri to wear his armband, Kiri walks away and states he can take himself.

Back in the clubroom, Bossun thinks how the peeping tom can do the job, and he realizes that Sakatani is the one due to his spider climbing. Outside of the girls' locker room, Bossun, Switch, and Hime find a person among the cedar trees. He is Sakatani who is famous for his spider climbing. After Sakatani explains that he is in love with Chiaki and that he peeped on her on impulse, Bossun gently tells Sakatani to turn himself in. Suddenly, Kiri Kato swoops in and knocks Sakatani from the trees. He quickly ties Sakatani and punches him; Bossun finds Kiri's actions deplorable. Sasuke and rest of the student council arrives; he tells Kiri not to disobey him. Kiri states that he joined Kaimei student council, so he can become president one day. This causes Sasuke to go beserk. When Bossun tries to restrain Hani, Sasuke bumps into Bossun who falls on Hani. Hani transforms into bunny and starts flirting with Bossun first and then Switch.

Then, Sakatani tries to escape, and both Kiri and Sasuke capture him together. Though, the two argue over who caught Sakatani. Daisy chases Bunny in order to return her back to Hani by touching her, but Hani grabs Kiri. Over at Sojiro's home, Sasuke informs Sojiro about the new members, and Sojiro reassures him and comments that Bossun has a way with words. Saaya arrives with tea and gets confused with the two boys.

With Hime and Bossun visiting Roman's club, Roman informs them about Magata who usually visits her club and harasses her and her classmates. Roman introduces Magata and Saikawa, and Magata returns the correction fluid to Fumi. When Fumi remarks that he should buy his own, Magata freaks out. He reads one of the girls' manga and find it interesting. Even though Magata finds Roman's work good, Magata insults Roman's work by stating that shonen manga is better than shojo manga, and the two begin fighting each other. Kezuka arrives to the room on a blue car via manga magic. He tells Magata and Roman that they should have a manga battle where he states the requirements. (see points of interest). He asks Roman to pick a partner, and Roman chooses Bossun.

Later, Kezuka and Hime arrive to the Boys' Manga Club, and Saaya and Moe appear as Kezuka and the girls are judges. Saikawa and his partner reveal their manga work, and Hime finds the art too retro and the story nonsensical. Yet, Saaya likes the jump, and Moe cries for Michaelburger. Then, Roman reveals her manga work, and Hime is quite confused about the girl and boy's dialogue. Then, the boy points to Michaelburger in the sky. Kezuka finds Roman as the victor because Un Doukai is more memorable than Michaelburger. Magata offers Roman a handshake, and the two do their narrations. Suddenly, Osamu Tezuka appears, and Michaelburger tells everyone to jump into the sky.


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Cast & Credits

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Chiaki did not appear in the manga version of the first story. Saaya and Moe didn't appear in both parts of manga.
  • Sasuke's debriefing scene is anime only.
  • Scene Alterations: For the Roman chapter, it starts out differently with Hime and Roman discussing about their favorite manga character. Bossun asks Roman about the room on the other side of the Sket Dan clubroom. Roman begins explaining about the Boys' Manga Club and how they split using an Izagoza example.
    • In the manga, Kezuka did not arrive in a car or had a manga sequence scene.
    • The anime has an extra ending where Osamu Tezuka and Michaelburger tells Roman and the others to fly into the sky.

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