The Spider's Association

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Kanji 蜘蛛の会
Romaji Kumo no kai
Volume Volume 3
Anime Episode 5
Daisy, Shinba Michiru, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Agata Sōjirō, Mimori Unyū


Rumors have surfaced about a group working out of Kaimei High School which has been blackmailing and extorting students. Known as The Spider's Association, the group's newest target is a second-year student named Kiku Dejima whose shoplifting attempt was caught on camera. However, when she comes to their hideout in response to a text message, it turns out that neither she nor the new member who took her photograph are quite who they seem. In fact, they are Kikuno Asahina and Michiru Shinba of the Student Council, and they aren't alone. The entire confrontation was a setup to catch The Spider's Association in the act and shut them down once and for all.

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