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The Sketchbook Project is an aspect of the anime series' official website which is based around the Kaimei Rock Festival chapters.

Project 1: Producer Battle

Aside from The Pillows' song Funny Bunny, the Sket Dan are looking to include another song for the Kaimei Rock Festival. However, each member has a different idea of what to do and ultimately, visitors to the website will be able to vote for which they want to see appear in the anime. The "battle" between the three is shown through a series of short live-action "episodes" on the website, where the Sket Dan members are all represented by hand puppets in their likenesses.

Voting between the songs Michi (Bossun), PRIDE (Himeko) and Just my Truth (Switch) began on April 11, 2011.


Placeholder ## Episode Title Air Date
{{{image}}} 0 Producer Battle #0

February 28, 2011
{{{image}}} 1 Producer Battle: Bossun Side #1
Producer Battle: Himeko Side #1
Producer Battle: Switch Side #1

March 7, 2011
{{{image}}} 2 Producer Battle: Bossun Side #2
Producer Battle: Himeko Side #2
Producer Battle: Switch Side #2

March ?, 2011
{{{image}}} 3 Producer Battle: Bossun Side #3
Producer Battle: Himeko Side #3
Producer Battle: Switch Side #3

April 6, 2011
{{{image}}} 4 Producer Battle: Bossun Side Final Chapter
Producer Battle: Himeko Side Final Chapter
Producer Battle: Switch Side Final Chapter

Project 2: Band Member Auditions

On February 28, 2011, the official website announced open auditions for a male vocalist, female guitarist, and male drummer. The three people selected will make their musical debut during the Kaimei Rock Festival, playing the song decided by the Producer Battle.

On June 9, 2011, with a total of 23 auditions selected as finalists, voting was opened to the public. The finalists are as follows (if any of the names' readings have been listed incorrectly, please don't hesitate to correct them!):

Vocals/Bass Guitar Drums
1. Yuuta Enomoto (榎本有汰)
2. Daiki Shimojo (下城大樹)
3. Yuusa Sato (佐藤友咲)
4. Ryousuke Ogata (緒方涼介)
5. Issei Ozawa (小澤一生)
6. Hiroshi Tada (多田 宏)
7. Junichi Sawada (沢田隼一)
8. Yuki Shirai (白井佑樹)
9. Yuuya Tasaki (田崎裕也)
10. Yuuhei Fujimura (藤村悠平)
11. Kouya Fujimoto (藤本晃伸)
1. Aisa Uozumi (魚住有希)
2. Yuki Yamazaki (山崎由貴)
3. Chiyo Itoki (糸岐知代)
4. Riko Kohara (小原莉子)
5. Miyu Kotani (小谷実由)
6. Yuu Sugawara (菅原 夕)
7. Saki Nakajima (中島早希)
1. Hideo Ikeda (池田英夫)
2. Tadashi Nagashima (長島 忠)
3. Ayumu Tahara (田原 歩)
4. Shougo Tanaka (田中翔悟)
5. Yuu Watanabe (渡邊 悠)


The results were announced July 16 in Shōnen Jump. The 3 winners are:

Vocals/Bass: Hiroshi Tada (多田 宏, Tada Hiroshi)
Guitar: Riko Kohara (小原 莉子, Kohara Riko)
Drums: Yuu Watanabe (渡邊 悠, Watanabe Yuu)

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