Birthday October 23
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 169 cm
Weight 74 kg
School Kaimei High School
Manga Debut Chapter 257

Takeuchi (竹内, Takeuchi) is a teacher at Kaimei High School and a club advisor for the Aviation Club.


When Takeuchi met Hidaka and learned about his dream of inventing man powered planes, he became advisor of the Aviation Club to help Hidaka reach his dream.


He is a middle aged man who has crow's feet and wrinkles. His hairline is receding.


He's a confident man who has strong faith in his students such as Hidaka.

Major Story Arcs


Due to his deteriorating health, he has to retire and enter rehab in order to recover. As he drives off by the river, he spots Hidaka flying. Touched by Hidaka's hard work and success, he sheds tears, knowing Hidaka had made both their dreams come true.


  • To Hidaka: "If you start hating what you do, and if you find it a pain, then maybe you didn't really want to pursue that goal after all. In that case, you should quite."[1]


  1. Sket Dance. Chapters 258, Page 6

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