Summer Festival Graffiti
Japanese Title 夏祭りグラフィティ
Natsu Matsuri Gurafiti
Volume 30
Release Date April 4, 2013
ISBN 978-4088706849
Pages 192
Previous Birdman
Next Inherit The Twin Stars
Cover Characters
Bossun, Himeko, Switch
Characters Debuted

Summer Festival Graffiti (夏祭りグラフィティ, Natsu Matsuri Gurafiti) is volume 30 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 262

When The Wind... Part 1 (時の風に乗ってー前編, toki no kaze ni notte... zenpen)

Chapter 263

When The Wind... Part 2 (時の風に乗ってー後編, toki no kaze ni notte... kōhen)

Chapter 264

Mascot Summer (ゆるキャラサマー, yuru kyara samaa)

Chapter 265

Last Match (引退試合, Intai shiai)

Chapter 266

Beach Girls Collection (ビーチ・ガールズ・コレクション, Biichi gaaruzu korekushon)

Chapter 267

Summer Festival Graffiti (夏祭りグラフィティ, Natsu matsuri gurafiti)

Chapter 268

Instance Assistance (インスタンス・アシスタンス, Insutansu ashisutansu)

Chapter 269

Document Adherence of Solo Bicycle (自転車一人旅密着ドキュメント, Jitensha hitori tabi micchaku dokyumento)

Chapter 270

The Conte by King of Conte (?, Za Konto bai Kingu obu Konto)

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