Sudden Temptation

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Kanji やにわにテンプテーション
Romaji Yaniwani tenputeeshon
Volume 9
Anime 42
Hime Onizuka, Bossun, Switch, Takako Shimada (Speech Bubble), Kiyoshi Date (Speech Bubble), Momoka Kibitsu(Speech Bubble), Shinzo(Speech Bubble), Roman Saotome


As Himeko looks at a model who has an aspiring career, Himeko wonders what would she do when she grows up. When she asks her friends, she mentions Momoka, Takako, Shinzo, and Dante who already know what their dream jobs are. When they speak about Roman, she pops by with good news.

What good news did Roman bring and will Himeko figure out her true calling?

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