Stealth Bodyguard
Japanese Title ステルス・ボディガード, Suterusu bodeigaado
Volume 25
Release Date July 4, 2012
ISBN 978-4088704630
Pages 200 [1]
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Next Trouble Travel
Cover Characters
Tsubaki, Kiri Kato,
Characters Debuted

Stealth Bodyguard (ステルス・ボディガード, Suterusu bodeigaado) is volume 25 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 217

Pretend President

Chapter 218

Rumi's Tour of Club Activities (ルミの部活見学ツアー, Rumi no bukatsu kengaku tsuaa)

Chapter 219

Courageous Discommunication (漢気ディスコミュニケーション, Yūki deisukomyunikeeshon)

Chapter 220

Pure Moist Moisturizing Handcream (しっとりじっとりモイスピュアハンドクリーム, Shittori jittori moisu pyua handokuriimu)

Chapter 221

Stoic Student Teacher, Part 1 (Stoic Student Teacher 前編, Stoic Student Teacher zenpen)

Chapter 222

Stoic Student Teacher, Part 2 (Stoic Student Teacher 後編, Stoic Student Teacher kōhen)

Chapter 223

Love Gesu-troyer (恋愛ゲストロイヤー, Ren'ai gesutoroiyaa)

Chapter 224

Dad's Longest Day (親父の一番長い日, Oyaji no ichiban nagai hi)

Chapter 225

Stealth Bodyguard (ステルス・ボディガード, Suterusu bodeigaado)


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