So Many Friends
Japanese Title 友達がいっぱい
Tomodachi ga ippai
Volume 3
Release Date April 4, 2008
ISBN 978-4-08-874504-6
Pages 200
Previous Summer Sakura
Next Gachinko Vivage Battle
Cover Characters
Switch, Bossun, Himeko
Characters Debuted
Kunio Yamanobe, Takaaki Uchida, Honda, Naoyuki Kusabe, Michiru Shinba, Kikuno Asahina, Enta Hinohara, Genzaburō Karamatsu, Tsutomu Tomori, Nitta, Saeki

So Many Friends (友達がいっぱい, Tomodachi ga ippai) is volume 3 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 18

Nusutto Dance - Chapter of the Falcon (ヌスット・ダンス 隼の章, Nusutto dansu, hayabusa no shō)

Chapter 19

Genesis Generation (ジェネシス・ジェネレーション, Jeneshisu jenereeshon)

Yamanobe-sensei the geography teacher begs the Sket Dan to learn how to play Genesis so the student council will allow him to form a club for the game. Though at first the trio are convinced that the game isn't real, and then that it is utterly ridiculous, they eventually warm up to it. Once Tsubaki witnesses their playing, he agrees to allow Yamanobe-sensei to create the club but, as the Sket Dan members can't be in two clubs simultaneously, efforts to recruit members for the Genesis Club begin...

Chapter 20

Momoka's Seiyū Aspirations (モモカ声優志願, Momoka seiyū shigan)

Chapter 21

Producing Uchida (内田をプロヂュース, Uchida o purodūsu)

Chapter 22

So Many Friends (友達がいっぱい, Tomodachi ga ippai)

Chapter 23

The Spider's Association (蜘蛛の会, Kumo no kai)

Chapter 24

The Sket Dan Manga Project (スケット団漫画化計画, Sukettodan mangaka keikaku)

Chapter 25

Gachinko Vivage Battle (ガチンコ・ビバゲー・バトル, Gachinko bibagee batoru)

Chapter 26

The War Begins!! (開戦!!, Kaisen!!)


Melancholic Rendezvous (メランコリック・ランデヴー, Merankorikku randevū)

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