Shooting Gang Star Etc...

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Kanji シューティング ギャングスター他
Romaji Shūtingu gyangusutā hoka
Air Date June 23, 2011
Manga Chapters 28, 29, 30 & 31
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Shooting Gang Star Etc... (シューティング ギャングスター他, Shūtingu gyangusutā hoka) is the 12th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The second game of the Bibage Battle is a real show between Shinzou and Tsubaki, coming to a truly cinematic finish! Then the curtain rises on a sharp-shooting (or is it, sharp-tongued) battle between Switch and Daisy! 


Shinzo deals the first blow to Sasuke, but during the battle, Shinzo cannot laid a blow on Sasuke who is not fighting back. Bossun realizes that Sasuke is waiting for Shinzo's Frisky effect to wear off. According to Bossen, Shinzo's attacks wear off the Frisky's effect faster. Mimori comments that Sasuke knows his classmates well while Daisy thinks Sasuke is too cruel. Sasuke has damaged the three balls on Shinzo leaving only two left. Bossun wants to shoot a Frisky to Shinzo, yet Switch only have gummy candy. In Shinzo's mind, he remembers Sket Dance telling him to win without the Frisky, and an old man tells Shinzo to be a real samurai and to pay back his debt to Sket Dan.

Shinzo smashes the balloon on his headband. After his shocking act, Shinzo and Sasuke clash in a final attack. Shinzo's Shiren attack pops all four balloons on Sasuke. As Shinzo claims victory, Sket Dan slaps him silly. When Bossun thinks Shinzo does not need Frisky, Shinzo passes out while standing. Sojiro tells Sasuke that Shinzo won because he was battling himself. When Switch's match is on, Switch reassures his team that he will not fail his leader. However, his words about no control worries his teammates. The rules are that each shooter gets a revolver with 3 bullets, and that they cannot use the second revolver without emptying the first one. The winner is the one who hits the infrared sensor on the head area three times.

Before the match begins, Switch insults his opponent with information that he gathered on her, and Daisy states that she will do bad things to him such as clogging his ears. During the match, Daisy finds Switch which Switch fires at the same time. Yet, Switch misses. Daisy gets the first point and then chases him. When Switch looks back from a corner, Daisy fires another shot and scores the second point. Soon, Daisy finds herself in a room where Switch fires but misses. Switch scores the first point. Daisy walks and fires when she hears footsteps. Somehow, Switch's laptop makes the footstep noise, and Switch takes advantage and scores the second point. Switch types with his left hand and tells Daisy that he has one shot. When Switch reveals that he uses his laptop to imitate the gun shot and that he has shot three times, he has Daisy trapped. Daisy's first revolver has no more bullets, so Daisy needs to switch revolver to make her shot. Daisy insults Switch by calling him a dull otaku stalker which causes Switch to shoot.

Somehow, Switch misses, and Daisy successively draws her second revolver before Switch. As she tells Switch that she will not give Switch another chance, Switch throws the revolver at her. They both fire at the same time. The announcer reports that Switch fired at 0.025 and that Daisy fired at 0.026. Switch is the winner. Switch explains that he is ambidextrous despite that he drops the pistol. When the next match is next, Tales of Confession, Hime explains that Momoka is busy with voice acting. The substitute who appears behind Bossun and closes his eyes is Roman. Bossun freaks out, but Sket Dance thinks she can win due to her romantic interests and Otome world's powers. Roman thinks she is Moe Yabasawa before her match with Mimori begins.


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