School Trip Rhapsody
Japanese Title 修学旅行狂詩曲
Volume 16
Release Date December 3, 2010
ISBN 978-4-08-870148-6
Pages ?
Previous Biscuit Dance
Next The last day of president
Cover Characters
Saaya Agata, Bossun, Himeko, Switch
Characters Debuted
Kanashikata Takashi, Komiyama Tsutomu, Ogura

School Trip Rhapsody is volume 16 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 136

School Trip Rhapsody (5) (修学旅行狂詩曲-5, Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 5)

Chapter 137

School Trip Rhapsody (6) (修学旅行狂詩曲-6, 'Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 6)

Chapter 138

School Trip Rhapsody (7) (修学旅行狂詩曲-7, Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 7)

Chapter 139

A Confusing Group of Friends (まぎらわしいゆかいな仲間たち, Magirawashii yukaina nakama-tachi)

Chapter 140

A Profound Offline Meeting (オフカイはオクガフカイ, Ofukai wa okugafukai)

Chapter 141

A Record of the Student Council Executives' Recruitment Manga (生徒会役員募集漫画制作記録, Seitokai yakuin boshū manga seisaku kiroku)

Chapter 142

The Guy Little Sister is Interested in Interests Her Brother (妹の気になるアイツが気になる兄, Imōto no ki ni naru aitsu ga ki ni naru ani)

Chapter 143

A Roaring Tsukkomi Battle! (爆笑ツッコミバトル!, Bakushō tsukkomi batoru!)

Chapter 144

A Rare Guy Who is Anxious About a Date (喜憂を杞憂する稀有な男, Kiyū o kiyūsuru kiyūna otoko)

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