Ryusei Ichimaru
Ichimaru Ryusei
一丸 竜盛 
Ichimaru Ryuusei
Age ?
Birthday ?
Gender Male
School Kaimei High School
Relatives Board Director (Father)
Yuuki Ichimaru (Son)
Manga Debut Chapter 279
Inherit The Twin Stars, Part 2

Ryusei Ichimaru (一丸 竜盛, Ichimaru Ryuusei) is the new director of Kaimei High School.



Ryusei Ichimaru is an middle aged man whose hairline has receded. His hair style is a buzz fashion. He has a dot on his forehead. His cheekbones are chiseled.

Major Story Arcs

Last Dance

When Ryusei plans to shut down the culture festival for Kaimei High School, Bossun makes a bet with the director. Ryusei has his son, Yuuki, participate in Bossun's festival. If Yuuki is happy with the culture festival, Ryusei will allow Kaimei High School to continue to host the culture festivals in the future. If Bossun fails, Bossun will be expelled.

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