Poppman (ポップマン) is a children's TV show starring an unreliable hero who saves the day when push comes to shove. The title character was Himeko's hero growing up, and appears as one of the many characters on the cover of volume 8. Both Himeko and Bossun watched the series, and it has at least two seasons.



  • In chapter 57, Himeko is seen wearing a Poppman hat (which she later gives to Bossun). It is the same hat which Bossun wears throughout the series.
  • Also in chapter 57, a small figure of Poppman can be seen on Himeko's dresser.
  • In chapter 60, Bossun says he has Poppman stickers.
  • Bossun brings a pair of Popp Goggles to school in chapter 60, which are the same pair he wears throughout the series.
  • In Episode 51, Poppman is one of the characters pictured on the spine of a collection of Shōnen Jump magazines.
  • In the fourth opening of the anime, Bossun can be seen wearing a Poppman shirt and cape on separate occasions.


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