Oba Nyaa
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Pink
Relatives Kawakami (foster daughter)
OG-3 (husband)
Manga Debut Chapter 38
Anime Debut Episode 22

Obaanyan (森野 輝明, Morino Teruaki) is Kawakami's foster mother in the Sket Dan version of Momotarō.


Obaanyan has light brown eyes, pink hair, and a blue and black sleeveless, robe. She has a large, black mittens that are shaped like paws and a large hairband with cat ears.

Major Story Arcs

A New Take on Momotarō

While Obaanyan is doing chores around the house, she receives a delivery from Kawakami. She recalls her high school memories of her childhood friend, Kawakami. Before she could slice the peach open, she hears a voice from the peach. Then, OG-3 arrives home with a fresh kill from his hunt and finds Obaanyan frightened by the peach. OG-3 examines the peach and extracts the baby from the peach. It turns out the baby is Kawakami who got reverted by a restaurant owner. As time goes on, Kawakami tells Obaanyan that she only used her to get her original body back. Obaanyan cries after Kawakami goes off to the Isle of Demons.

After Kawakami gets reverted to a child by a Soba restaurant owner, Obaanyan seals the child into a muskmelon and set it down the river.

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