Nusutto Dance, etc.

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Kanji ヌスット・ダンス他
Romaji Nusutto dansu hoka
Air Date November 10, 2011
Manga Chapters 18 & 45
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

Nusutto Dance, etc. (ヌスット・ダンス他, Nusutto dansu hoka) is the 32nd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Bossun and his gang take a mission to rescue Roman, but the mission goes awry when Bossun and his crew are playing Shiritori after facing boredom in space. Then, they intercept Tsubaki's ship and accept Tsubaki's request, to get Tsubaki back to his own planet. Then, Bossun's ship receives space pirate Sōjirō's transmission. The space pirate demands Tsubaki's treasure while threatening to hurt Tsubaki's fiancée, Mimori.


Part 1: Thief Dance

The "Thief-dan" (Sket-dan) agree to rescue Chuu's "daughter", Roman, from a Lord who kidnapped her to marry her without his permission. On their way to the meeting spot with one of his bodyguards, Himeko begins to complain about her plain looking outfit while Bossun expresses his jealousy over Switch's more cool and professional looking attire. Soon after, they all begin to argue the impossibility of an existing computer completely made of wood that was held by Switch when Chuu's bodyguard, revealed to be Shinzou, suddenly appeared in his regular clothing and began to demonstrate his samurai skills excitedly. Switch gets some information on the castle and informs his team that the anti-arson and robbery police force, led by the feared Tsubaki, is currently on guard duty for that evening. Shinzou tells them that they shouldn't worry for he'll be with them and takes some pills to fire himself up but instead it knocks him out. The team decides to commence a strategy meeting but Himeko takes a time out to get a drink from a well. As she looked down the well, a ghost played by Yuki emerges creepily, causing her to scream in fright. As the ghost introduces herself, she tells everyone that she wanted to play the role of the ninja but all they had left was a ghost to which Switch replies that it suits her.

On to the strategy meeting, Bossun tells his team that Roman is being held captive in the castle while Switch calculates which room she is mostly likely in. As they state that she's probably in tears right now, Roman appears in the sky as an illusion which turns real as she jumps out to show them exactly where she's located. Bossun and Himeko immediately exclaim that she can't just do what she wants with the former telling her that she has to act like a normal girl from town but instead Roman decides to change her outfit to that of a ninja. Yuki appears and asks if she can be reincarnated as a ninja and Roman allows it, prompting an angry response from Bossun and Himeko. Shinzou finally wakes up and notices that more ninjas joined their team which prompts him to ask if he was fired but is told that he's too annoying.

At the castle, Agata tells Tsubaki that the Thief-dan probably won't show up but Tsubaki replies that they must strike Fujisaki down before he becomes too powerful an enemy. In response, Agata says that they're kids so its most likely that they're out having a good time but Tsubaki refuses to let his guard down and says that they must not be underestimated and that he is certain they'll come.

Back to the team, Bossun demonstrates his shiruken techniques and boasts that no instant ninja can throw them so expertly like him. But Roman states otherwise as she creates a word balloon and throws it at the tree in an impressing manner. Yuki interrupts and asks if she could do a ninja trick as well. Roman decides to show her a technique she could do and does a Lightning Flash move by posing in a ninja-like manner with a background effect. Shinzou attempts it but fails as he gets knocked out (again). Yuki wonders if she could do it as well but Himeko tries to dissuade her from trying by saying that only maidens with overactive imaginations can pull it off. But her words only encourage Yuki as she actually manages to successfully perform the technique. Switch then jumps in, jealous that he was left out while Bossun sits glumly, depressed that everyone is having fun without him. Although everyone manages to cheer him up, Himeko's remarks about the unnecessary need to go to the castle made him give up entirely.

Meanwhile, Agata tells Tsubaki that the Thief-dan aren't coming as the day breaks dawn.

Part 2: Rocket Dance

On a spaceship, Bossun begins to complain about his boredom while Himeko keeps herself occupied on a treadmill and Switch keeps himself busy with a chess game. Unable to stand it any longer, Bossun calls everyone to assemble and asks them to humor him in order to kill some time before they reach Earth on their super-slow spaceship. With no ideas, Bossun proposes they play a game he calls the "Word Relay Game" whereby they connect each word that begins with the letter that the previous words ends with. Himeko tells him that his "game" is just shiritori with Switch adding that they already played that game and used up all of its themes. But Bossun informs them that he came up with a special theme, one with titles that can make them imagine that they're shounen manga.

They begin the game with Bossun going first by trying to come up with a word that starts with "ri", the last two letters of shiritori. Using his goggles to concentrate, he comes up with "Lethal Crusher Kai", an old and, according to Himeko, a lame possible shounen manga. Himeko goes next and uses the last letter "i" to come up with the title "I'm Going". Confused, Himeko clarifies saying that it would be a romantic comedy where the last two words of the main character would be "I'm going" which portrays the character's determination. Bossun exclaims that she can't add all that information after the fact and says that its like adding the tempura last to make it crispy with Switch adding that he prefers to put the tempura in first to make it gooshy. Switch then goes next and comes up with the title "Speedy Boy, Me!" from the letters "su". Bossun rejects it, saying that the main character would just say "he's fast" with Himeko concurring. But Switch on the other hand tells them that it could work as a sequel to Lethal Crusher Kai to which the two refuse to accept. Suddenly, the spaceship begins to shake prompting Switch to activate the emergency announcement that warns the team of impending danger from a soon to happen collision but Himeko and Bossun yell at him that he's too slow for they've already rammed into another ship.

Bossun asks his team what they should do in situations like these to which Switch says that they should contact the police and notify their insurance company, completely ignoring the whole space part. Upon hearing this, Bossun starts to tear up at the idea of having the police arrest him and slap him with a fine when a Papeppu Alien, played by Tsubaki, suddenly appears on the screen and apologizes for colliding into them (which was translated by Switch courtesy of his antenna) to which Himeko immediately states that this doesn't suit his character. Soon after, he comes inside and asks Bossun and the others to take him to his home planet, Papeppu, but Bossun replies that he would have to wait since it would take at least a week to fix their ship from the damage. But Tsubaki replies that they must take him there now because he has an important mission to complete and informs them that he's the prince of Papeppu. Himeko suddenly grabs him by the collar and demands he speak normally because she can't understand his language nor stand the constant need for interpretation. To solve this, Switch offers her and Bossun some "Translation Cognac" which he explains will help them understand other people's words as if they were translated.

After they drink the cognac, Tsubaki begins to explain his mission. He tells them that his planet was hit by space pirates while he was studying abroad on another planet and as a result, they have taken over the castle as well as taken his fiancee hostage. Just then, the pirate's leader, Agata, appears on the monitor and tells them that they're 100 years too young to defeat him. But, he says, he's willing to leave on the condition that Tsubaki give him the key to the treasure that's stored in the castle. If he doesn't, then his fiancee will be in grave danger. Tsubaki decides to give in to his demand only if he agrees to keep his hands off his fiancee and the citizens to which Agata promises that he'll be good until his arrival. Tsubaki tells Bossun and the others that they have to make quick haste and fly to his planet as soon as possible to help his people. The "Space-dan" decide to help him but only if they do it their way. With Tsubaki on board with whatever their planning, the team head towards the planet Papeppu with full speed.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Chuu-san mistakenly showing the Sket-dan a picture of Yabasawa in the first part of the episode didn't occur in the manga.
  • Shinba, Mimori and Daisy made a small appearance in the first story of the episode whereas in the manga they didn't. Hence Daisy's acronym never occured in the manga.
  • Yuki's Lightning Flash technique pose was slightly altered in the anime.
  • The second story does not include the Rocket-dan playing a guessing game involving musical tunes.
  • Bossun and Himeko are shocked to learn that Switch is a human robot who explains his full capabilities in the manga.
  • The tempura comparison to Himeko's after-the-fact explanation of her possible shounen manga happens in the anime only.

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