Nenji Shimoda
Shimoda Nenji
Nickname Shimone
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-C
Likes Gesuling
Affiliation Gesu-ling Club
Manga Debut Chapter 197

Nenji Shimoda is the deputy Club Leader of the Gesu-ling Club, he mostly appears as a background character or involved in Requests to Sket Dan involving/dealing with fellow club member Cherry.


Nenji is a gangly first year with blonde hair and a drowsy looking face which he claims is his expression when thinking 'Gesu' thoughts (i.e. all the time). When shown wearing the school uniform he wears it casually and it appears baggy on him.


As a Gesulier he is a non-physical, verbal pervert. Outside of his club activities he tends to stalk girls that fit his 'tastes' and sucks up to everyone else.

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