Midori Yahagihara
Midori Yahagihara
矢萩原 みどり
Yahagihara Midori
Gender Female
School Kaimei High School
Affiliation Softball Team
Manga Debut Chapter 139
A Confusing Group of Friends

Midori Yahagihara (矢萩原 みどり, Yahagihara Midori) is a student at Kaimei High School.


She often mistaken with Midori Hagihara because their name, face, and hairstyle are similar and both of them are in Softball Team.

Major Story Arcs

A Confusing Group of Friends

Shortly after Yukari Ogihara claim her cell phone from Himeko, Yahagihara stop by the Sket Dance club room and dropped off a cell phone that she found. [1]


  1. Sket Dance. Chapters 139

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