Michinori Magata
Magata Michinori
真賀田 道則
Magata Michinori
Birthday March 24
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 162 cm.
Weight 49 kg.
School Kaimei High School
Affiliation Boys' Manga Club
Manga Debut Chapter 156
The Road Roman Takes
Anime Debut Episode 73
The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping...
Seiyū Akira Ishida

Michinori Magata (真賀田 道則, Magata Michinori) is a student at Kaimei High School and the vice-president of the Boys' Manga Club. He and Saikawa form the Sainon & Magarfunkel mangaka duo (a pun of the famous folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel).


Magata has an ongoing rivalry with Roman due to his belief that shōnen manga is better than shōjo

Special Abilities

  • Manga Background: Michinori Magata appears to have the same ability as Roman Saotome to summon manga background effects in real life.

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