FMV-style | Sprite-style
マリコ or 真理子
Birthday January 13
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 158 cm.
Weight 52 kg.
Hair Black
Likes Warm sake
Dislikes Girls-only nights out
(女子会, jyoshikai)
Relatives Louisiana (younger twin sister)
Manga Debut Chapter 90
Anime Debut Episode 39
Seiyū Megumi Kojima

Mariko (マリコ or 真理子) is the protagonist of the game Special Mariko Broken, who is controlled by the player. She is in love with Director-General Kamei, which causes her to hold back when fighting him on her own. Her name is based off that of Mario from Super Mario Brothers. She tied for 38th place in the Second Character Popularity Contest with 90 points.

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