Mao Kamiya
Kamiya Mao Invention
Kamiya Mao
Birthday July 16
Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Height 153 cm.
Weight 45 kg.
Eyes Orange
Hair Reddish brown
Manga Debut Chapter 125
Anime Debut Episode 61

Mao Kamiya (神谷マオ, Kamiya Mao) is a character from the anime Ponytail Revolution. Her trademarks are her ponytail hairstyle and the phrase "being happy is number one☆". Her voice is similar to Mimori's, which Switch claims is because the two are the same character type. He has a to-scale replica of her in bust, which he uses to impersonate Mimori when the Sket Dan end up having to pretend to be the members of the Student Council. When Tsubaki lose his contacts and the Sket Dan impersonate the Student Council, Switch uses Mao Kamiya's head to impersonate Sojiro Agata without the wig. Himeko uses the wig to help reinforce the fact she is Daisy for Tsubaki.

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