Manly Discommunication

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Kanji 漢気ディスコミュニケーション
Romaji Yūki deisukomyunikeeshon
Volume 25
Anime N/A
Bossun, Tact, Himeko, Switch, Ugajin Gaou, Rumi Fujisaki, Dante (cameo)


Tact hands over a troublesome Pocket Dan case to the Sket Dan - Ugajin Gaou, a fierce-looking first-year student who came to ask for help, but seems to remain silent when asked (and Tact hasn't the patience when there's other cases waiting).

After quizzing Gaou for a while the Sket Dan realize that he is similar to Dante - he speaks only in two-syllable or two-character phrases. However this is exactly what he wants help with - because he can't communicate, he hasn't got many friends...