Lovely Bunny Girl
Japanese Title ラブリーバニーガール, Raburii banii gaaru
Volume 19
Release Date July 4, 2011
Pages 200
Previous Burning Falcon!
Cover Characters
Bossun, Tsubaki, Switch (all dressed as girls)
Characters Debuted

Lovely Bunny Girl is volume 19 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 163

Lovely Bunny Girl (chapter) (ラブリーバニーガール, Raburii banii gaaru)

Chapter 164

The Second Character Popularity Contest Results Announcement (第2回キャラクター人気投票結果発表, Dainikai kyarakutaa ninkitōhyō kekka happyō)

Chapter 165

The Man Who Became a Stick Figure (棒になった男, Bō ni natta otoko)

Chapter 166

Renovation!! Dramatically, Subtly, Hastily (大改造!! 劇的ビミョーあたふた, Daikaizō!! Gekiteki bimyō atafuta)

Chapter 167

Makes My Heart Pound (ドキドキする, Dokidoki suru)


The Super Awesome Pii Ah!-Shborn (ゴッツーケーピーアッシュボーン)


The Let's Work Together to Increase Our Powers of Concentration Study Meeting (集中力を高めみんなで協力し合う勉強会, Shūchūryoku o takame minna de kyōryokushiau benkyō kai)


Christmas Card, Part 1 (クリスマスカード前編, Kurisumasu kaado zenpen)


Christmas Card, Part 2 (クリスマスカード後編, Kurisumasu kaado kōhen)

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