Gender Female
Hair Red-orange
School Nikkō High School
Manga Debut Chapter 5
The Legendary Onihime
Anime Debut Episode 3
The Legendary Onihime
Seiyū Kaoru Mizuhara

Kijima (木島) is a member of Momoka's gang.


She has red-orange hair with a tuft of hair protruding outward which resembles a rooster's comb. She wears a white coat, a white beaded necklace around her neck, and a sarashi on her chest.


Major Story Points

The Fake Onihime

Momoka's Image Change


  • Like the other members of Momoka's gang, she is based on a character from the Momotarō folktale: the pheasant. "Kiji" is the Japanese word for pheasant (though the kanji of her name are different than that of the word).

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