Birthday February 24
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 162 cm.
Weight 50 kg.
Likes Soba
Dislikes Spaghetti
Relatives Obaanyan (foster mother)
OG-3 (foster father)
Manga Debut Chapter 38
Anime Debut Episode 22
Seiyū Sayuri Yahagi

Kawakami (川上), called "Upstream" in manga translations, is a character in the Sket Dan's revised version of the Momotarō folktale.


She has fox eyes that are scribbled out and two black ponytails that are tied with pink hairbands. Her head is shaped like an egg. Other distinct traits includes buck teeth and freckles.

Major Story Arcs

A New Take on Momotarō

She struck with a curse that reverted her to infancy as a result of trying to dine-and-dash. As she and Obaanyan had been friends in high school, and Kawakami needed someone to look after her while she was a defenseless infant, she sealed herself inside a giant peach and mailed herself to Obaanyan's house.

After regaining her original body, Kawakami set out for the isle of demons, where she initiated plans to take over the world. Once she had defeated the demons, she and her underlings headed back to Obaanyan's house. However, on the way there, Kawakami attempted another dine-and-dash and was subsequently struck with the same curse once more. She was then sealed inside a muskmelon and sent floating down the river.

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