Kanako Horii
Horii Kanako
堀井 佳菜子
Horii Kanako
Birthday June 27
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 171 cm.
Weight 54 kg.
School Kaimei High School, Class 2-B
Affiliation Girl's Volleyball Team
Manga Debut Chapter 131
Anime Debut Episode 62
Seiyū Yui Kano


Kanako Horii has short, brown hair and eyes. Her hair style consists of hair clips that part her hair near the median. There's nothing unique about her school uniform.


Like Saaya, she has a tsundere personality. Though, she gets along with her classmates better than Saaya.


  • Saaya Agata - When Saaya covers up for Horii during the giant skip rope competition, Horii asks her why. Saaya mentions she and Horii are alike, and when Saaya asks Horii to help her ski, Horii gladly accepts her request. The two get along from that day.

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