Birthday July 20
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Occupation Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 147
For the Sake of Creating a Superior Campus

Itō (伊藤) is the homeroom teacher for class 2-D at Kaimei High School. At one point, Jōgasaki painted "Baldy Itō" on the side of the gym in large letters, leading to everyone in the school finding out that Itō wears a wig. Upon seeing him crying with a bitter smile on his face, the Sket Dan felt sorry for him and investigated it under the codename the "Hageitō Incident."

Naming Sense

The name of the "Hageitō Incident" is meant as a pun. The "hageitō" portion is written with the kanji for the flower Tampala (葉鶏頭). However, the word hage means "bald" in Japanese, so when put together, the name becomes the "Bald Itō Incident."