Inherit The Twin Stars
Japanese Title ?
Inheritto za Tsuin Sutāzu
Volume 31
Release Date June 4, 2013
ISBN 978-4088707648
Pages 192
Previous Summer Festival Graffiti
Next Last Dance
Cover Characters
Yūsuke Fujisaki, Sasuke Tsubaki
Characters Debuted

Inherit The Twin Stars (?, Inheritto za Tsuin Sutāzu) is volume 31 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 271

Lyric Dedicated to A Friend (友に捧げる叙情詩(リリック), Tomo ni sasageru ririkku)

Chapter 272

Meeting Should Be Placed at A Sunny Resentment (恨み晴さでおくべき会, Uramiharasa de okube kai)

Chapter 273

Classroom Wedding (クラスルーム・ウェディング, kurasurūmu wedingu)

Chapter 274

Student Council's Disassembled Cake Incident (生徒会室ケーキバラバラ事件, seitokai shitsu keki barabara jiken)

Chapter 275

That's Sket Dan (脱スケット団, Datsu suketto dan)

Chapter 276

Being An Adult is Hard (大人はつらいよ, Otona wa tsurai yo)

Chapter 277

Himekoi (秘め恋, Himekoi)

Chapter 278

Inherit The Twin Stars, Part 1 (Inherit The Twin Stars 前編, Inherit The Twin Stars Zenpen)

Chapter 279

Inherit The Twin Stars, Part 2 (Inherit The Twin Stars 後編, Inherit The Twin Stars Kōhen)

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