Hidaka Asuka
Hidaka Asuka
日高 飛鳥
Hidaka Asuka
Birthday February 29
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 167 cm
Weight 55 kg
School Kaimei High School
Class 3-A
Likes Airplane
Dislikes Car
Affiliation Aviation Club
Manga Debut Chapter 257

Hidaka Asuka (日高 飛鳥, Hidaka Asuka) is a student at Kaimei High School and a member of the Aviation Club.


As a little boy, Hidaka shares that he wanted to fly. As he grew, he became interested in man powered planes. Only one man believed in his dreams, Takeuchi. Takeuchi became the advisor of the club to support Hidaka's dreams.


Hidaka wears an Aviator Hat, a bandage on his face, and a vest over his short sleeve shirt.


Hidaka is a passionate person who doesn't give up on his dreams. Switch comments that Hidaka is quite passionate about his dreams, but he has no skills in engineering, noting Hidaka's messy blueprints.

Major Story Arcs


After his plane flies into the club room and hit Bossun, Hidaka apologizes to Bossun and is relieved that his plane is all right. Then, Hidaka notices Bossun's Aviator Hat. He notes that his hat is like the ones used by the Japanese Navy. Hidaka's goals are to create a plane that can fly without an engine. Hidaka takes the Sket Dan for a tour around the garage. He explains that the other students left when finding the project impossible to do. During the whole project, Hidaka explains that it was only him and his teacher, Takeuchi-sensei, working on the project. Bossun quickly fixes the blueprints. Hidaka asks Bossun and the others to help him complete the project. He estimates it will take one week. The reason for Hidaka's request is that Takeuchi will be retiring by the end of the week to undergo therapy due to health problems. Hidaka vows that he will show Takeuchi that their plane will fly.

Hidaka chats with Himeko and tells her that she cannot give up on her passion, but she can give up on things she hates. On the last day before Takeuchi-sensei has to retire, Hidaka and the others go forth with their plans. Takeuchi finally proves that his and his sensei's dreams are a reality when Takeuchi sees Hidaka flying for the first time.[1]


  • To Himeko: "If you really want to pursue your dream, you'll able to overcome every trial that comes your way! Whatever it is, give it a shot! If you don't like it, quit!"[2]


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