Group Blind Date Tsukkomi

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Kanji 合こんでツッコんで
Romaji Gōkon de tsukkonde
Volume Volume 8
Anime Episode 20
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Seiji Igarashi, Tomoko, Onoda, Emi


Bossun and Himeko had a fight after Bossun accidentally touched her chest while he trying to escape her palm fortune reading. Then, Bossun's friend, Seiji, asks him and Switch if he wants to go on a group blind date with him and three other girls. Switch and Bossun agree. On the day itself, Himeko ends up stalking them. After Tomoko confesses to Seiji, the couple leave, causing Switch and Bossun to be alone with the two remaining girls.

Can Bossun and Switch keep these two ladies entertained?

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