Tournament bracket

The tournament bracket

The Gachinko Chara Song Tournament (ガチンコ・キャラソン・トーナメント) is a competition on the official website which pits the 16 songs from the SD flash anime episodes against each other to determine which will be used as the 4th main ending theme of the series. There are three rounds of voting, and the results are all a result of viewers' votes.

Round 1
Himeko vs. Tsubaki
Otakura vs. Yabasawa
Michiru vs. Shinzō
Switch vs. Reiko
Momoka vs. Roman
Yamanobe vs. Bossun
Mimori vs. Chiaki
Agata vs. Asahina
Round 2
Tsubaki vs. Otakura Michiru vs. Switch Momoka vs. Bossun Chiaki vs. Agata
Round 3
Tsubaki vs. Switch Bossun vs. Agata
Final Round
Tsubaki vs. Bossun

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