Enta Hinohara
檜原 円太
Hinohara Enta
Birthday September 1
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 162 cm.
Weight 55 kg.
Hair Brown
Occupation Mangaka
Affiliation Shueisha
Manga Debut Chapter 24
The Sket Dan Manga Project
Anime Debut Episode 9
Enta'll do it!
Seiyū Tōru Furuya
Enta Hinohara (檜原 円太, Hinohara Enta) is a Shōnen Jump mangaka who visits Kaimei High School looking for models to use for an upcoming school-based manga. He is meant to be a parody on the series' mangaka, Kenta Shinohara, which is ironic because he consistently says that Bossun would make a terrible main character for a shōnen manga. He ends up creating the hit manga We're the Student Council!, based on the original student council members. In the anime, he also creates several spinoff series, as well as having already published two separate series prior to visiting Kaimei High School.By the way, Enta means 'you' in arabic.




Manga Works


  • Enta Hinohara's name is based on Kenta Shinohara's name with the first consonants removed.
  • When first visiting Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun and others call him kami-sama (god/lord, the creator). But after his silhouette changed they're realize that he's not Kenta Shinohara and said dare? (who?).