Defeat The Fortune Teller, Part 1

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Kanji 占い師をやっつけろ 前編
Romaji Uranaishi o yattsukero zenpen
Volume Volume 12
Anime Episode 54
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Reiko Yūki, Himiko Minakami, Occult Club Member: Gothic Clothes Girl, Occult Club Member: Witch Girl, Occult Club Member: Skull Helmet Girl


Bossun and Switch are notified by Himeko about how fortune telling had become more popular recently and that Reiko is also into fortune telling. So, they decided to go meet Reiko at the Occult club to get their fortunes told. Eventually, they realize that Reiko is being tricked into selling cheap 'charms' for high prices and the money would go to the very person who tricked Reiko, the famous fortune teller Himiko Minakami. The Sket Dan immediately asks Reiko to set up a meeting time with her to prove that her fortune telling is fake. Reiko agrees and brings the Sket Dan to Minakami's office. Once there, Minakami puts up a fight and boasts that she can guess every tiny detail about their pasts. After Bossun tells her to actually prove it, Minakami tells them to come to her fortune telling seminar that she will be having in three days. If they have actual proof, they could show her disciples the fake fortune teller but is that really Minakami's intention?