Chase Kagerō!

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Kanji 影狼を追え!
Romaji Kagerō o oe!
Air Date August 23, 2012
Manga Chapters 152 and 153
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Chase Kagerō! is the 72nd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Due to recent muggings of students by a ninja named Kagerō, Bossun and Himeko set up a sting operation where they plan to catch the ninja. In the second story, Tsubaki and his student council have a new member on their team, Hani Usami who has her own surprising quirks.

Can the Sket Dan team nab the ninja and what is Hani's quirky secret?


Saaya informs the Sket Dan about someone taking over the treasurer's role for student council while Kiri Kato eavesdrops from the trees. Chiaki and Misato arrive to debrief the Sket Dan about a thief who dresses in a ski mask and all black attire. Switch states it's Kagerou who is a fast thief, and Shinzo thinks Kagerou is a ninja. The others refuse to believe Shinzo, and Shinzo asks Saaya to verbally abuse him (not directly). He tells them that there is a student here who is a ninja. As Hime and Switch play catch, the ball flies off and hits Kiri who is walking away. Himeko remarks that Kiri could have dodged while Bossun adds that Kiri's reflexes are slow. Kiri tells them not to get involved with Kagerou, and Himeko gets angry. She yells and demands him to state his name. Near the ball park, Kiri catches a ball and throws it.

On the streets, Bossun and Himeko find a place with plenty of blind spots. He goes over the plan with Himeko as the bait. Bossun tells her to look weak not like a tiger but to no success. Then, Kagerou strikes, and before Bossun can fire, a smoke screen pops out. Himeko tries to hit something, but she knocks out Bossun. Kagerou catches Himeko at knife point, and then, Kiri appears behind Kagerou with a kunai. The two fight each other, and Kiri manages to punch Kagerou, but Kiri gets his arm cut. Himeko hits Kagerou's arm, and Kiri delivers the final blow with a chained weapon. Himeko realizes that Kiri is the ninja's descendant and didn't dodge the ball on purpose. She tells Kiri that he's strong, and Kiri tells her his name. Bossun wakes up to see Kagerou tied up. Back in the Sket Dan room, Saaya teases Bossun while Switch notes that Bossun looked sad. Shinzo pops from the window, and when Saaya calls him an idiot, Shinzo wants her to insult him one more time. Bossun feels that something is not right. Bossun tells Sasuke about Kiri Kato, and Sasuke finds it interesting that Himeko acknowledge his strength. Sasuke tells him to read more history books and lay off the manga.

In the Kaimei Student Council room, Mimori, Daisy, and Sasuke introduces themselves to Hani. Hani does not say anything, and Sasuke introduces her and asks them if they have something to say. Hani proposes that all male students should be expelled. When Tsubaki asks Hani, Hani states that she does not wish to speak to Tsubaki. Tsubaki demands her to explain why, and Hani speaks to Mimori about how she feels that Tsubaki likes her. Daisy pets Hani on the head because Daisy finds her cute. Hani explains that she was raised in an all girls school and in a male free environment. This is why she hates men. As Hani go over the analogies, Roman pops in and explains about white pencils. Hani wishes that she can interact with boys normally, and Tsubaki approaches Hani with a handshake. He wants to help Hani who refuses to be touch. He grabs her hand. Suddenly, Hani transforms into a seductive woman called Bunny. Bunny does not talk to women because she hates women and that she is Hani's other personality. As Bunny tries to get Tsubaki to touch her more, Tsubaki asks her how she transforms back. When he learns that Bunny transforms back with a woman touching her, Tsubaki orders Daisy to touch her. Daisy chases her, and Roman crashes into Bunny who transforms back. After Hani realizes her shirt is undone, she slaps Tsubaki, and she transforms back into Bunny. Later, Tsubaki thinks that he needs a male officer, and Kiri Kato appears with a request to join the student council.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Bunny was touched back to Hani by Daisy, in anime, she was touched by Roman
  • In manga, the one whose wallet is stolen was Dante. In anime, it was Misato's
  • Saaya, Chiaki, and Misato only appeared in anime while Dante only appeared in manga
  • In anime, Kiri catches and throws the ball from a softball club member. In manga, he didn't dodge it.
  • Manga Only: Kiri said "Onihime" to Himeko after he tell her his name.