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Volume 12
Anime Episode 71
Little Crab, Mother Crab, Son Gokū, Moe Yabasawa, Montblanc the Chestnut, Honeycomb the Bee, Mortar, Poop, Sakyamuni, Sanzo Hōshi


A fight between a mother crab and a monkey, resulting in the former's defeat, leads a little crab to seek vengeance on her mother's behalf. However, knowing she would be unable to defeat the monkey on her own, she tries to recruit allies to help her. Those who turn up are a gluttonous chestnut, an oversized bee, a mortar and a highly intelligent poop. The group works together to come up with a plan for combating the monkey, but only the poop has decent, reasonable suggestions. In the end, they decide to ambush the monkey at his house, with each of them combining their individual strengths to defeat him. Meanwhile, as the monkey returns home from a day of violence and mischief, he is struck by a Buddha's divine punishment and trapped under a mountain. The little crab and her group continue to wait...


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