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Fanbook SKET DANCE Official Fanbook: Kaimei High School Student Handbook
SKET DANCE 公式ファンブック 開盟学園生徒手帳
SKET DANCE kōshiki fuanbukku kaimei gakuen seitotechō
Novel1 SKET DANCE extra dance 1: A True Theory! The Seven School Wonders
SKET DANCE extra dance 1 真説! 学園七不思議
SKET DANCE extra dance 1: shinsetsu! gakuen nanafushigi
Novel2 SKET DANCE extra dance 2: Student Council Case Report ~The Cook Shell Incident~
SKET DANCE extra dance 2 生徒会の事件簿~クック・シェル事件~
SKET DANCE extra dance 2 seitokai no jikenbo ~kukku sheru jiken~

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