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Japanese Title バードマン
Volume 29
Release Date February 4, 2013
ISBN 978-4088706290
Pages 200
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Next Summer Festival Graffiti
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Birdman (バードマン, Bādoman) is volume 29 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 253

Good Risking Sensation (グッドルシキングセンセーション, Guddo rushikingu senseshon)

Chapter 254

Hollywood Movie Stardust

Chapter 255

A Fly Wearing Gold (黄金を纏って翔べ, Ōgon o matomette tobe)

Chapter 256

Siblings (兄・妹, Ani, imōto)

Chapter 257

Birdman, Part 1 (バードマン・前編, Baado man, zenpen)

Chapter 258

Birdman, Part 2 (バードマン・後編, Baado man, kōhen)

Chapter 259

Let's Go to The Ninja's House! (忍者屋敷へ行こう!, Ninja yashiki e ikō!)

Chapter 260

Album Memories "The Sports Festival" (思い出アルバム「体育祭, Omoide arubamu "taiikusai")

Chapter 261

Quest Dance: Warrior of Revenge(クエスト・ダンス 逆襲の戦士, kuesuto dansu gyakushū no senshi')

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